About Arena Fitness

We guide people to life-changing results so they can live to their full potential


Change is possible, but it doesn’t happen alone. Here at Arena Fitness, we provide the structure and support you need to accomplish anything you want – whether that’s motivating you to push through the last 10 minutes of your workout, helping you stay accountable to your nutrition plan during The 28 Day Kick Start, or teaching you the mental framework you need to set big goals, create new habits, and be your best self.


The Arena Fitness training program has been tried and tested, tweaked and changed, reviewed and revamped over the years and we’ll continue to do so in order to maximize each workout’s mix of challenge, effectiveness, and fun. We offer a variety of different classes aimed at working different parts of your body in different ways to achieve different results. These classes are led by a variety of trainers, all with their own style and personality, but rooted in the same Arena core principles.

Whether it’s group training, personal training, or nutrition coaching, we prioritize providing individual attention, so we can ensure safe movement, provide tailored workouts, give one on one guidance, and keep you safe from injury.


In the end, Arena Fitness is not just a collection of trainers, members, and fitness classes. It’s a community. Our small group approach extends from trainer to trainer to member to member to promote a friendly atmosphere, judgment-free zone, and supportive environment that you actually look forward to. This community extends outside of our gym walls to weekday runs, weekend hikes, challenging races, and more.

We could tell you more about us, but you’re better off experiencing it for yourself. We can’t wait to meet you!