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We’re all in this together; one big family, a supportive community in which it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or overweight, agile or uncoordinated, wallflower or captain of the football team. We don’t care what you look like or what your skill level is, the only requirement is a big heart, a big effort, and a willingness to challenge and change. When you train at Arena Fitness, you’re an athlete. An Everyday Athlete. You bring a “What’s Next?” attitude and we provide the map to the destination at which you’ve always dreamed of arriving. We believe in the truth, in keeping you on track, in educating you about health, about fitness, about nutrition in ways that will enable you to design a lifestyle free from fat, free from fear of failure, free from not being able to do, be and look the way you’ve always wanted to do, be and look.

And we believe in fun. We believe that laughter is an essential part of fitness and we don’t take ourselves so seriously that we can’t laugh at ourselves. We like being the butt of jokes. We like to run in the rain. We like dogs. We think sweat is cool. We believe in crawling around in the mud and pushing you over walls. And we will break our backs to see you to the finish line. Literally.

You are the hero of your story. We are just the guides.

That’s what we’re about. Welcome to the Arena.

What we do:

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We have a SEMI-PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING SYSTEM for people who want an organized approach to reducing body fat, losing weight, adding lean muscle, increasing strength and conditioning, improving mobility and reducing risk of injury.

We have a GROUP INTERVAL TRAINING SYSTEM for small groups of people who want HIIT, cardio, resistance training and total body conditioning for weight loss, lean muscle maintenance, endurance improvement and fun.


We have a proven, science-based approach to nutrition for improving overall health and wellness, losing weight, maintaining weight loss, increasing lean muscle and learning how to adopt good nutrition practices into your lifestyle effectively.


We recognize the importance of using supplementation in a responsible and conservative way to support good nutrition and exercise practices, without resorting to gimmicks, “fat burning” products and pill-pushing.

Some people come to us for training only, some for nutrition, some for all three core offerings. There isn’t ONE program for everyone. Our programs are tailored to the specific needs, goals, budget and preferences of the individual.

Try us out and see for yourself whether we have what you’ve been looking for.

Visit this page to see the results that many of our clients are creating.


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