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Personal Training in Encino and Northridge

Get lean, toned, fast and strong with our personal training in Encino and Northridge. Our semi-private personal training is for 2 to 4 people at a time and is what private training would be if it was dynamic, energetic, fun, and affordable!

Personal strength & resistance training is the BEST method of training if you want to drop weight, add lean muscle, and change your body. Our unique 4 Week cycle focuses on four phases of training every month to continually spark improvement and progress. It’s a progressive, circuit training system that is based on proven scientific principles for maximum physical and cosmetic improvement.

Don’t spend a fortune every month for a stale personal training program that you dread going to. Experience semi-private personal training at Arena Fitness and get a workout that’s fun, challenging, and effective.

All monthly memberships include FREE Nutrition Coaching!





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Peter Dulay

"I want to first mention that I am stronger and more in shape than I've been in 15 years. I would never maintain my consistency in showing up for workouts nor would I push as hard as I do now if it wasn't for the people and the system Arena provides. THEY ARE THE BEST AT WHAT THEY DO!"

Sheera Goren

"When I started working out at Arena Fitness, I very quickly fell in love with their approach to working out — thoughtful, intentional, full-body and fun. From boxing to weight lifting to HIIT training, I always felt like I did something different and hit a new muscle. What I didn’t realize when I joined Arena was that I would gain a second family and home, however, I did and it makes working out all the more enjoyable!"

Semi private personal training prices: