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Strength training is the superior method of training if you want to change your body. Male or female, beginner or expert, strength is key. It simply MUST be part of your fitness program.

Semi private personal training is the best, most effective and affordable method of strength training so you can reduce body fat and add lean muscle. So, what is Semi Private Training?

Small group personal training (or semi-private training) is for 2 to 4 people at a time and is what private training would be if it was dynamic, energetic, fun and affordable! It’s a progressive, circuit training system that is based on proven scientific principles for maximum physical and cosmetic improvement.

If you have been stuck or struggling to change your body, strength training is the answer, and true strength training needs to be done in a personal training environment. To get lean, to reduce body fat, to drop weight, to add lean muscle (which gives you that “toned” look), to turn the clock back, you need to do strength and resistance training.

Our unique 4 Week cycle focuses on four phases of training every month to continually spark improvement and progress. Our small group personal training setting in Encino & Northridge provides a fun, challenging environment that is much more dynamic and enjoyable than one-on-one training.

Powered by the MyZone Training System

In order to help our clients get the best possible results from our classes, we use the MyZone Heart Rate Training System. This enables us to help our clients target the ideal heart rate zone to get the quickest results possible.

All of those results you’ve been struggling with; weight loss, increased strength and muscle tone, improved performance, they won’t occur without strength and quality movement. Above all, you need to MOVE WELL. Once that is achieved, the results come flooding in.

Semi Private Training Rates Start at $337.50 per month

Introduce strength training to your fitness program and you will begin to experience results you never thought possible. With strength, everything changes. Your body changes, your performance changes, your health changes, the way you feel about yourself will change. Strength changes lives.


I am eternally grateful for the dedication that all the amazing Arena trainers (Will, Stacey, Joe, Jonathan, Daniela, Phillip) put forth day in and day out. Without them, the TDC wouldn’t have been possible, and without them there wouldn’t be tons of happy clients celebrating their 28-day victories! Thank you Arena for being supportive, motivational, inspirational and above all, for taking our personal needs into account with everything that we do. I couldn’t have asked for a better “family!”

– Letty Troncoso, Arena Fitness Member

See the rest of our Encino Yelp Reviews!

This is an image of Yelp reviews for our gym in Encino.

- Encino Loves Us: Yelp Reviews!

“I knew I needed to lose weight and gain muscle. I needed a change after gaining almost 50 pounds in the past eight years. I’m just tired of carrying this extra weight around. I used to work out a lot, but fell off the wagon after having a baby (he’s now 5!!) and moving to Los Angeles three years ago.

A couple of months ago I searched online and found Arena Fitness and the Kickstart program. Their website said they 
were a community of people who care about each other. I thought in LA?? No way!!  After being at Arena Fitness now for almost two months I can tell you it is absolutely true!! They do care! 

Arena Fitness and Kickstart are amazing. Arena Fitness is a small gym, so you’re not overwhelmed by a big box gym. Just what I needed. Classes are small in size. Kickstart is exactly what I needed to get my but in gear, no more excuses and I needed the accountability. The Kickstart program will teach you how to eat properly.  My energy and focus have skyrocketed!! I’m telling everyone I know about this program!!

I lost 13 pounds and 10 inches in 28 days and gained 6.5 pounds of lean body mass!!! “

– Denise W., Arena Fitness Member

weight loss encino

- Denise lost 6.8% body fat and 10 inches in the KICK START!

Arena Fitness was proud to sponsor an event to help raise over $1,800 to help Michael Long in his quest to fight ALS.

This is an image of group exercise participants raising money for ALS.

- It takes a village.

Tara does it the right way; by combining semi private personal training and TakeDown LifeStyle Nutrition coaching at Arena Fitness.

Image of Tara who dropped 6% body fat with personal training.

- Tara is down 6% body fat and got her pre-baby body back!

I have never felt any connection to a gym. You go in – do your work out, hope nobody is going to hard sell you on membership….  I have the total opposite experience here.  It’s like having a workout buddy that will keep you honest.  The instructors know you, when you come to class (and when you don’t)  The workouts are perfect for me.  In and out in 45 minutes – perfect for a working mom.  Good variety in the classes – you work really really hard which I love.  You feel like every minute at the class is paying off. Personally I’ve lost weight and feel much stronger.   I can’t recommend Arena enough.  Jonathan, Joe, Stacy and William are great.

– Allyson Nevil

This is a picture of Allyson who lost weight on our TakeDown LifeStyle program.

- Allyson Nevil has lost 16 pounds in 8 weeks!

We’re all in this together. If you want to run a race, we’ll run it with you. And we’ll make damn sure you cross the finish line!

This is an image of personal training client Brittney.

- Brittney did her very first mud run and survived!

This is an image of group training client Guy
For years I spent hours in the gym, 5 days a week hundreds of repetitions and miles to nowhere..Then I found obstacle course racing (OCR) and with that a purpose for all of those miles and sets. Each event was a little farther sometimes multiple events in a weekend or a day. Now several years later I find myself making my second attempt at an extreme endurance event in the form of the SISU IRON. Team SISU (derived from the Finnish term Sisu) is the brainchild of Matt Trinca and Daren De Heras, formed to train people to prepare for extreme endurance events and soon after developed their own version of an endurance event called the SISI IRON. The IRON is a 30+ hour event that takes place at the base of the San Gabriel mountains in Monrovia at a Boy Scout Camp called, Camp Trask. The Iron is a test of endurance and will. for 30+ hours athletes complete individual and team tasks including 12 to 15 mile hikes, withstanding the cold murky water of ‘frog pond’, difficult memorization tasks, math problems, archery, wood splitting, 15 mile run for time and a grueling PT session.
This years event takes place April 29- May 2 and I have been preparing by training with the crew at Arena Fitness in Encino and Northridge for the last several months. Thanks, Arena, for getting me ready for this amazing event!
– Guy Matthews
This is an image of group training client Guy

- This Guy (his name is Guy) drove 67 miles to train with us!

“TWO WORDS: LIFE CHANGING. I never thought I’d be where I am today. I had fallen into the slump of “getting older” and genetically predisposed to being overweight. Although I was strong having worked out with Arena Fitness coaches for over a year, I was more than 20lbs overweight. I was also plagued with back and hip pain and battling digestive issues for as long as I could remember. 
I’m one of those guys who researches everything and loves to tout my knowledge on certain subjects. But admittedly, I had tried every diet in the book including Paleo, Blood type, gluten free, dairy free, vegan (shortly). And although many of these made significant improvements to my overall wellbeing, they did not fully address the aforementioned issues I was facing with my body. And then I started the KICKSTART challenge…
It was flexible enough that I could still eat the foods that my body performed best on while giving me a plan to take down my weight. I had no fricken idea how much food I was overconsuming until I did the KICKSTART. I learned that at most meals I was putting more than double the amount of protein, fats, and carbs then I should have been taking in. The program held me accountable to every bite I put in my mouth. I also learned how the body burns energy and how the size and timing of my meals plays the biggest role in weight loss. 
In 4 short weeks, I lost 12lbs of pure body fat. Since I started with Arena Fitness, I’ve lost well over 25lbs of pure body fat while adding lean muscle. I FEEL AMAZING! I don’t have the same back pain anymore. I digestion is not a problem, and for the very first time, someone told me I should eat a donut because “I was too skinny.” 
I could not have done this without the KICKSTART system, Stacey Garcia who knows how to get results, and the team at Arena Fitness. Their support and knowledge of the subjects they teach are unmatched. I should know because I’ve heard it all.”
– Peter Dulay, Arena Fitness Member
nutrition coaching

- Peter lost 12 pounds of FAT in the KICK START!

The TDC works because many of the recipes are delicious, and, so long as you drink plenty of water, you won’t get too hungry. In addition, the accountability to Stacey and the competitive aspect of it keeps you motivated. As for Arena, it’s a low-stress, friendly atmosphere, which makes the workouts less intimidating, and the workouts change each day, which prevents it from getting boring. Overall, my experience with Arena and TDC has been extremely beneficial: I lost 13 lbs., I have improved focus and willpower, I have a lot less anxiety, and my abiding neck and shoulder pain has disappeared. All in just over a month! I would heartily recommend TDC and Arena to others.

– Rob Gressis

This is weight loss winner and personal training client Rob Gressis

- Rob lost over 13 pounds, 5 inches and 6% body fat in one month!

Six months ago my stomach looked like a small beach ball. With deep gratitude to my personal trainers and nutritionist at Arena Fitness Training Center I have lost 33 pounds.

– Bruce Benton

Bruce Benton, personal training client at Arena Fitness in Encino who has lost over 30 pounds.

- Bruce Benton lost over 30 pounds and 10% body fat!

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