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muscle recovery

Try this muscle recovery smoothie

Here’s a DELICIOUS way to reward your muscles! I’ve got a delicious smoothie recipe for you today that is packed with nutrients your muscles (and taste buds) will LOVE.It makes for a great power-packed breakfast or post-workout recovery drink, and it’s surprisingly refreshing.Heads up! It has a few unusual ingredients that will amp up its […]

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This is an image that shows the relationship between strength training and fat loss

Mastering tension and fat loss

By Max Masood, BS, FRCms Why does “tension” even matter? We know by now that strength training and fat loss go hand in hand. But how can “tension” add to this formula? We often hear a trainer say “create tension” during our workouts, but what the hell does that mean? Creating tension is one of […]

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This is an image of how to address injury with strength training and rehabilitation

Injuries are not the end of you!

Everyone is going to get injured…. Maybe it will be a minor injury; a twisted ankle, a sore shoulder, a groin pull. Or maybe it will be a more serious one; a torn ligament, spinal issues, a broken bone. But, at some point, everyone will get injured. As a matter of fact, most injuries are […]

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this is an image of why you need strength training for weight loss

You MUST lift HEAVY stuff!

Why are we still having this conversation? It’s incredible to me that, despite the numerous times this issue has been raised and addressed, and in spite of the overwhelming scientific evidence, we’re still talking about the importance (NECESSITY) of strength training for weight loss. So, let me some it up for you real quick-like: “If […]

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personal training

Personal Training Tips: Pull up progression

Chances are you can’t just jump up, grab a bar and start banging out pull ups. Try it and you’ll see! You need a systematic, step by step plan for doing pull ups. This is how we progress people in our personal training and group training programs in our gyms in Encino and Northridge. In […]

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Free Yourself from Machines!

Free-form strength training trumps fixed-form strength training and the studies prove it!

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