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self reflection

What I learned from getting my email hacked!

I had a rough weekend It started great Saturday morning with me teaching classes in Encino and then getting the chance to deliver my “5 Pillars of Health” presentation to members. I love getting to present new and (at least to me) exciting ways to improve health and wellness, so I was feeling really good […]

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The problem with “moderation”

Let’s talk about “moderation” After my “cheat meal” post last week a longtime Arena family member (you know who you are) was telling me about how his general guiding principle when it comes to health is “moderation.” I know this about him because we’ve discussed it in the past, and, although I don’t know exactly […]

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cheat meal

When a “cheat meal” turns into “What-The-Hell!”

Ah…the “cheat meal”… Have you ever been in the process of working on improving your health, and you’re absolutely SMASHING IT…and then you have a “cheat” meal… which turns into a cheat day… which leads to a cheat weekend… and then you fall apart and now you have to start all over again? I think […]

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evolutionary mismatch

Mismatched: It’s not your fault!

What is “evolutionary mismatch?” If you struggle with your fitness, your health, if you struggle to exercise consistently and eat the right foods, to get enough sleep and manage your weight, it’s not your fault. Consider this question: If you pluck a zebra from it’s natural habitat and relocate it to New England, will it […]

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Bill Gates 4 steps to being happier at any age

We are all searching for happiness Some people find it more easily than others, but it’s safe to say that humans, as a species, crave contentment. Yet rates of anxiety and depression are higher than they’ve ever been, and increasing every year! Technology, medicine and standards of living generally improve year over year, so why […]

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brain science

There’s nothing wrong with you!

Why is change so difficult? Dozens of people. Times 12 months. Times 15 years. That’s how many people I’ve spoken to about their fitness needs since Arena Fitness opened in January of 2003. People inquiring about membership. Members sitting down with me for consultations. People outside of work, picking my brain. People hoping that personal […]

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healthy lifestyle

The 3% Solution

What’s the 3% solution? Practice + Time, that’s the solution. Wait, let me back up and clarify what I’m talking about. I’m into reading health and wellness studies… I’m a geek like that. It’s relevant to the industry I’m in but I also just have a fascination with health and human behavior. There was a […]

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Food For Fitness: A Shredder’s Super Smoothie

I’ve been getting tons of requests for my super smoothie recipe I drink every morning.  And there’s no wonder why… it’s that tasty and so good for you!  Tip: We now carry my favorite protein powder at the gym for your convenience! Stacey’s Super Smoothie Ingredients A handful of spinach Half of a large banana A […]

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Personal Training: Quality Over Quanity

Recently, at Arena Fitness Training Centers, we integrated the Functional Movement Systems’ philosophies into our program design. Our beliefs and methodologies have been based around these training systems for quite some time, but we had no baseline screening system for classifying whether or not someone would be able to safely enter our program and get the […]

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Food For Fitness: Sausage, Kale, and Mozzarella Egg Bake

Tis the season for resolutions.  If yours includes trying new, healthy and delicious recipes, then you’ve hit the jackpot!  Try this amazing frittata for breakfast, lunch or dinner!  Sub the chicken sausage with your favorite veggie sausage if you wanna go meat free.  Enjoy! reblogged from kalyn’s kitchen Chicken-Garlic Sausage, Kale, and Mozzarella Egg Bake […]

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