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Success Story: Walt Lee

“I’m blown away by my results!” And we are, too! Walt jumped into the 28 Day KICK START after never having done a fitness or nutrition program before in his life and created some life-changing results. He is the blueprint for how to be successful, bringing a positive mindset and willingness to be coached and […]

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Success Story: Imane Haddada!

“Kick Start is not just a short-term program…” This is one of the most important and powerful things about the 28 Day Kick Start. It’s not just a 28 Day plan. Short, 4 to 6 week Challenges are popular these days. And they generally produce really great results. For 4 to 6 week. But the […]

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KICK START Success Stories: Dana

“They care what and how we do on Day 29 and beyond…” Dana was a newcomer to us and the 28 Day KICK START in September 2017. She wasn’t feeling good physically, wasn’t happy about the way she looked and she wanted to avoid having to take cholesterol medication. She knew she had what it […]

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KICK START Success Story: David’s Journey!

“The Kick Start is a different type of program…” We’re all very busy these days and David is no different. He was a long time personal training client in our Northridge facility but his schedule got in the way of his training. He put on some weight and was looking for a reasonable and effective […]

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7 Ways to Cut Down on Sugar!

Weight gain…Heart Disease…High Blood Pressure…Diabetes… These are just some of the consequences of consuming too much sugar. Admittedly, sugar is hard to avoid. It’s hidden in our processed foods, buried in our baked goods, slipped secretly into our specialty coffees. But the reality is that sugar contributes to obesity and chronic illness, so it’s important […]

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What you REALLY need to hear about fat loss!

You’re being preyed upon…. By a $20,000,000.000 industry that wants to keep you buying products in order to achieve the fat loss you want. That’s a fact. And I want you to hear this. Because you hear ME all the time. You hear Joe and Stacey and the rest of the Arena Fitness crew, but […]

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