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Success Story: Alicia Truesdale

From personal training program to personal growth… Alicia came to us looking for a personal training program in Encino and wowed us from the start. Totally committed, super open to coaching, willing to push herself hard. She made tons of progress but decided she wanted to step it up a level and signed up for […]

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Don’t just “lose weight!” Lose the right kind of weight!

“I can’t imagine my life without Arena Fitness!” There’s so much talk about “losing weight.” It’s a national obsession, and for good reason. But if you want to change the way your body looks, feels and functions, you don’t just want to “lose weight,” you need to lose the right kind of weight. And that […]

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No more migraine medication

All success stories are different. Some chronicle athletic improvements, some weight loss, some both. Some focus on mindset shifts, in embracing lifestyle change, some on increased self-worth. All success stories are incredible. But the ones that feature being able to reduce or eliminate medications are especially powerful. Last week we featured Javier Jung who, by […]

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A case study in healthy weight loss: Javier Jung

“I was able to reverse my Type 2 diabetes…” Change can be very challenging, often for reasons outside of your control. But if you care enough, are committed enough, have a strong enough plan and become a part of a community who rally in support of your success, you can change. Javier is a perfect […]

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Success Story: Walt Lee

“I’m blown away by my results!” And we are, too! Walt jumped into the 28 Day KICK START after never having done a fitness or nutrition program before in his life and created some life-changing results. He is the blueprint for how to be successful, bringing a positive mindset and willingness to be coached and […]

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Success Story: Imane Haddada!

“Kick Start is not just a short-term program…” This is one of the most important and powerful things about the 28 Day Kick Start. It’s not just a 28 Day plan. Short, 4 to 6 week Challenges are popular these days. And they generally produce really great results. For 4 to 6 week. But the […]

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28 day weight loss challenge

KICK START Success Story: Nicole

“You can’t put a price tag on happiness…” Nicole has been an irreplaceable member of the Arena Fitness family since the very first day. It’s not just that she is incredibly focused and successful when she does semi private personal training or group training classes, or when she crushes the 28 Day Kick Start (which […]

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KICK START Success Stories: Dana

“They care what and how we do on Day 29 and beyond…” Dana was a newcomer to us and the 28 Day KICK START in September 2017. She wasn’t feeling good physically, wasn’t happy about the way she looked and she wanted to avoid having to take cholesterol medication. She knew she had what it […]

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nutrition coaching

KICK START Success Story: Peter

“Two words: Life Changing” Peter has been with us for a few years, participating in our personal training program in Encino. He trains hard, puts in the work and does a great job. But, recently, he realized that he needed to take a closer look at his nutrition in order to shed some weight and […]

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KICK START Success Story: David’s Journey!

“The Kick Start is a different type of program…” We’re all very busy these days and David is no different. He was a long time personal training client in our Northridge facility but his schedule got in the way of his training. He put on some weight and was looking for a reasonable and effective […]

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