Jonathan Aluzas

Membership Director

Job duties: To introduce you to the Arena Experience in a manner that is totally informative and completely pressure-free.

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this is an image of program director, Joe Garcia, delivering personal training in Northridge

Joseph Garcia

Program Director

Job duties: To continually innovate the Arena Fitness Training System so that it’s always your best bet for success.

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Stacey Garcia

Nutrition Director

Job duties: To teach you how to eat for optimum health and the best possible physique.

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William Garcia

Adventure Race Coordinator

Job duties: To keep Northridge running like a clock. To listen and understand, because he really has been there.

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This is an image of Daniela Stratman, personal trainer at Arena Fitness, at a Spartan Race.

Daniela Stratman

Adventure Race Team Leader

Job duties: To lead you to believe in yourself. To infuse you with the passion to change and grow.

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Phillip Anderson

Assistant Program Director

Phillip does it all; yoga, personal training, physique competitions.

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