Group personal training is our calling, but we believe that laughter is an essential part of fitness and we don’t take ourselves so seriously that we can’t laugh at ourselves. We like being the butt of jokes. We like to run in the rain. We like dogs. We think sweat is cool. We believe in crawling around in the mud and pushing you over walls. And we will break our backs to see you to the finish line. Literally.

Jonathan Aluzas

Membership Director

Job duties: To introduce you to the Arena Experience in a manner that is totally informative and completely pressure-free.

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this is an image of program director, Joe Garcia, delivering personal training in Northridge

Joseph Garcia

Program Director

Job duties: To continually innovate the Arena Fitness Training System so that it’s always your best bet for success.

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Stacey Garcia

Nutrition Director

Job duties: To teach you how to eat for optimum health and the best possible physique.

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William Garcia

Adventure Race Coordinator

Job duties: To keep Northridge running like a clock. To listen and understand, because he really has been there.

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This is an image of Daniela Stratman, personal trainer at Arena Fitness, at a Spartan Race.

Daniela Stratman

Adventure Race Team Leader

Job duties: To lead you to believe in yourself. To infuse you with the passion to change and grow.

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Phillip Anderson

Yoga Director

Phillip does it all; yoga, personal training, physique competitions.

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