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self efficacy

How to develop your superpower

We can all be superheroes… I’ve got a throwback for you – and one that you’re going to love. It is all about SELF-EFFICACY (which I briefly mentioned earlier in the month), which is basically your success barometer. It’s a trait that can predict how successful you will be!What makes it even more awesome is […]

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how to stay motivated

Here’s how to stay motivated

Motivation is a fickle thing MOTIVATION is a term that is constantly being discussed when it comes to health and fitness. There are a LOT of reasons why … but the biggest one is that motivation smoothes out a lot of bumps on your path to success.And I want you to be successful. Here’s the thing. […]

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Why do you struggle with motivation?

  I hear this all the time from members and prospective members: “I need motivation.” or “I’m just not motivated.” And they’re looking to us to provide it. No one can “motivate” you. No one. So if you’re looking for me or anyone else to “motivate” you, you’re going to end up disappointed and you’re setting me […]

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Here is an image describing personal training in Northridge.

How to get “unstuck!”

How to get “unstuck!” We asked our good friend, Dave Schulze, owner of FocusFit, one of the best providers of personal training in Austin, Texas, to weigh in on something for us. We all hit a wall in our training from time to time. That’s going to happen. The question is; what do you do […]

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How Do You Regulate What You Eat?

By: Sarah Schmermund With obesity on the rise and pencil-thin models on our television sets, it’s not surprising that people are a little preoccupied with considerations of their weight and eating behaviors. ?And while some people succeed at maintaining their weight and eating habits, many others fail to do so over the long term. ?Statistically, […]

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