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Some days you just suck

It happens to ALL of us Some days you just don’t have it, no matter how hard you’re trying. Yesterday was that day for me. I was about 10 minutes into a boxing class when I realized I was not going to be setting any world records. I was sluggish. I was fatigued. And when […]

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Positive Mindset

Maintaining a Positive Mindset

Creating a positive mindset is possible… The notion of creating and maintaining a positive mindset can be cringe-inducing for a lot of people. Images of Stuart Smalley from SNL come rushing to mind and the entire topic becomes a punchline. It would be a mistake to dismiss the concept, though. A TON of science and […]

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28 day weight loss challenge

KICK START Success Story: Nicole

“You can’t put a price tag on happiness…” Nicole has been an irreplaceable member of the Arena Fitness family since the very first day. It’s not just that she is incredibly focused and successful when she does semi private personal training or group training classes, or when she crushes the 28 Day Kick Start (which […]

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This is an image of someone committed to practicing gratifude

Practicing Gratitude; It’s not just New Age nonsense!

To some, this will be cringe-worthy… And I understand that. In many ways, it’s a little cringe-worthy to me, too, but I’m going to discuss it anyway. The subject; practicing gratitude. Fortunately, this is Thanksgiving week, which provides some small measure of cover for me so that I don’t look entirely like a New Age, […]

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This is an image of what we consider to be the athletic mindset

Success and the Athletic Mindset

We’ve been digging into mindset since the beginning of 2016 and for good reason. The reality is that it doesn’t matter how amazing your personal training, group exercise and nutrition program is if your thinking isn’t solid. Your mentality is actually more powerful than your program. Mindset is the most powerful piece in your fitness […]

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This image of the growth mindset shows how it can lead to greater fitness and personal training success

How to Develop a Growth Mindset

In this video, Carol Dweck, author of the groundbreaking book, Mindset, discusses the characteristics of a Growth Mindset. You only need to watch the first 3 minutes. For some reason it repeats itself after that. Maybe they’re just trying to drive the point home! Then, check out this blog by Saga Briggs, in which she […]

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This image of the growth mindset shows how it can lead to greater fitness and personal training success

Success! The Growth Mindset

Last week we looked at the Fixed Mindset and how that might be tripping you up in life. Speaking personally, I can say that a lifetime of Fixed Mindset has contributed to years of frustration and self-criticism. The brain isn’t static, though, so thankfully that can be changed (an issue we will address soon). On […]

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Image of Rob de Ville, personal trainer in Grand Rapids.

Guest Post: Face the Fear of Failure by Rob de Ville, Personal Trainer

Rob de Ville is a buddy of mine, a really solid personal trainer based out of the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. I wanted to feature this short blog of his because it dovetails nicely with our focus on the Fixed Mindset vs. the Growth Mindset. In this piece, Rob perfectly captures the willingness to challenge […]

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this image denotes the characteristics of a fixed mindset

Failure! The Fixed Mindset

If you find yourself continually frustrated when it comes to your fitness, nutrition and weight loss goals, you need to check your head. You may be operating from a fixed mindset. Sure, you may not be acting in accordance with the results you want. You may not be training frequently enough or properly. Your nutrition […]

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