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Why FUNCTION matters more than FITNESS

Fitness is important, but is it the MOST important thing? You love doing HIIT (high intensity interval training. You love doing strength training and personal training. But in order for you to benefit from the exercise you enjoy doing, you must have function. In this case, “function” means having the ability to move safely and […]

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this is an image of program director, Joe Garcia, delivering personal training in Northridge

FMS Day is Coming October 29th!

“First…move well, then move often” That’s the foundation of our training ideology at Arena Fitness. As you may know, already the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) is a system that is used to rate and rank your movement so that we can identify any possibilities of injuries. This is the System of Corrective Exercises that I […]

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This is an image of Madeleine, personal training client at Arena Fitness, doing the FMS.

The FMS Works!

Thank you so much to all of you who showed up to FMS Assessment Day on March 12th in Encino. It was awesome for us to get the opportunity to spend time with you and teach you about the purpose and value of this process. The FMS (Functional Movement Screen) is our way of providing […]

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Bruce Benton, personal training client at Arena Fitness in Encino who has lost over 30 pounds.

Bruce Benton – Personal Training Success Story

Bruce Benton; from nothing to race-ready! Now, keep this in mind; when we say “nothing” about Bruce Benton, we’re only referring to his fitness level! Bruce has accomplished A LOT in his life. He is a very successful business man, an accomplished musician, the guy has it going on. But at 56 years old he […]

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Personal Training Necessity: FMS Assessment Day!

If you want to get the most out of your fitness program, you need an FMS (Functional Movement Screen). On Saturday, October 3rd, we will be running our Screening Day for the FMS. During this event you will not only get screened and receive your necessary corrective exercises, you will also receive very valuable information […]

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FMS & Personal Training; Unlock your potential

By Joe Garcia, Program Director FMS SCREENING DAY IS COMING! Here’s what you need to know: FMS Date: October 3rd, 2015 Times Available: 7:30am 9:00am 10:30am THERE WILL BE NO TRAINING AVAILABLE IN EITHER LOCATION ON THIS DAY! # Of spaces available for each time slot: 50 people for each time RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Location: Encino […]

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Personal Training: Quality Over Quanity

Recently, at Arena Fitness Training Centers, we integrated the Functional Movement Systems’ philosophies into our program design. Our beliefs and methodologies have been based around these training systems for quite some time, but we had no baseline screening system for classifying whether or not someone would be able to safely enter our program and get the […]

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