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at home workout

Quick and dirty at-home workout

Running low on time? Don’t have time for a group training class or a personal training session today? No problem. Don’t have a gym membership or a package of group classes at Arena Fitness? No problem. Do you have a floor? Then drop down and knock out this full body at-home workout! Remember, every minute […]

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exercise intensity

The one where I admit I was wrong

I was wrong. Flat out. I harbored a belief. I promoted it. I even got rewarded for it. And then I grew up (grew older, more accurately) and I learned that I was wrong.Here’s the set up.I used to be a “beast mode” guy. I came from the hard-charging mindset that all workouts needed to […]

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get in shape

How long does it take to get OUT of shape?

We obsess about getting INTO shape, but…. We often wonder how long it will take to improve some aspect of our health; to lose fat, to gain muscle, to build a habit.But I think it’s also important to know how long it takes to LOSE the progress we’ve made. It helps to bring into perspective the […]

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The problem with “moderation”

Let’s talk about “moderation” After my “cheat meal” post last week a longtime Arena family member (you know who you are) was telling me about how his general guiding principle when it comes to health is “moderation.” I know this about him because we’ve discussed it in the past, and, although I don’t know exactly […]

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cheat meal

When a “cheat meal” turns into “What-The-Hell!”

Ah…the “cheat meal”… Have you ever been in the process of working on improving your health, and you’re absolutely SMASHING IT…and then you have a “cheat” meal… which turns into a cheat day… which leads to a cheat weekend… and then you fall apart and now you have to start all over again? I think […]

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Fitness Tips: The 5 Components

Fitness isn’t just ONE thing; it’s the sum of many things… And you need to understand what those things are. The difference between “training” and “working out” is that: Training is specific and purposeful Working out is general and unsystematic If you REALLY want to get in, and stay in, shape, you need to pay […]

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MyZone Training System: Is it a game-changer?

“Wearable” technology is exploding! But is is that big of a deal? Is this just a marketing thing, or should I be paying attention? Water cooler talk has now shifted to conversations pertaining to “wearable” technology; accessories you can wear that measure everything from total volume of movement to sleep to posture to heart rate. […]

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Fitness; what REALLY matters!

You need to watch this video. When you’re done, you need to share this with everyone you know. Not kidding. This is why fitness matters. We all want to look better. I do. You do. Nothing wrong with that. But fitness, REAL fitness, is about so much more than that. It’s about a 75 year […]

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12 Laws of Fat Burning

CLICK ON THIS LINK AND THE E-BOOK “THE 12 LAWS OF FAT BURNING” WILL OPEN ON A NEW PAGE. We all talk about “losing weight.” But is that right? Is that the correct terminology? Do we want to “lose weight” or do we want to lose FAT? “Losing weight” can mean burning muscle, which actually […]

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Bruce Benton, personal training client at Arena Fitness in Encino who has lost over 30 pounds.

Bruce Benton – Personal Training Success Story

Bruce Benton; from nothing to race-ready! Now, keep this in mind; when we say “nothing” about Bruce Benton, we’re only referring to his fitness level! Bruce has accomplished A LOT in his life. He is a very successful business man, an accomplished musician, the guy has it going on. But at 56 years old he […]

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