The MyZone Training System

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The Power of MyZone Technology

MyZone is a Heart Rate Monitoring system with an unbelievable range of benefits to supercharge your training benefits and is featured for group training and personal training at Arena Fitness:

  • Accurately track your effort using MyZone Effort Point System
  • Use MyZone to pinpoint the EXACT effort necessary to maximize every workout and increase results
  • Earn awards, prizes and badges every month
  • Stream Live Stats for tracking results from every workout
  • Increase Motivation, Accountability and Results with digital support
  • Measure (HRR) Heart Rate Recovery to instantly see how fit you really are
  • Enhanced Personal Training with 24/5 support
  • Mobile App support
  • Wearable Technology
  • New Workouts & Challenges
  • Coming Soon: Remote Access to our Workouts



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See how it works!

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Heart Rate Training using the MyZone Training System enables you to get the most out of every workout, every time, whether you are training at Arena Fitness or not.

When you are in one of our facilities you will be able to display your own personalized MZ Tile on our 60 inch monitor to allow you and your coach to determine whether your effort matches the purpose and desired intensity of the workout.

When you are training outside of Arena Fitness we will still have the ability to monitor your effort, volume and progress. It’s like having a personal trainer even when you’re not in the gym!

Are you up for a Challenge!

We offer Challenges throughout the year to bring us together as a community of people working together toward our goals. Group challenges are an amazing way to leverage social support in the pursuit of improvement.

Join us for our next MZ Challenge! Whether you are an Arena Fitness member or not, you can participate in our challenges. For more information on our next MZ Challenge, fill out the submission form below:

MyZone Challenge Information Request

The TDC works because many of the recipes are delicious, and, so long as you drink plenty of water, you won’t get too hungry. In addition, the accountability to Stacey and the competitive aspect of it keeps you motivated. As for Arena, it’s a low-stress, friendly atmosphere, which makes the workouts less intimidating, and the workouts change each day, which prevents it from getting boring. Overall, my experience with Arena and TDC has been extremely beneficial: I lost 13 lbs., I have improved focus and willpower, I have a lot less anxiety, and my abiding neck and shoulder pain has disappeared. All in just over a month! I would heartily recommend TDC and Arena to others.

– Rob Gressis

This is weight loss winner and personal training client Rob Gressis

- Rob lost over 13 pounds, 5 inches and 6% body fat in one month!

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to add muscle? Do you want to feel better about yourself, to look better, to be better? Do you want to challenge yourself and improve your performance? Jump into our personal training, group training and nutrition coaching programs and you can. The choice is yours.

Image of a blackboard featuring Arena Fitness personal training clients who have lost weight.

- Thousands of pounds lost and hundreds of lives changed since 2003!

The TDC challenge was one that I was nervous about, yet very excited because I knew it would involve me making sacrifices to meet the end goal: lose fat pounds, gain some muscle, and kick start a lifestyle centered around my nutrition. It doesn’t help that my brother and I are starting a business dedicated to craft beer, and we knew that those delicious suds would be off the table for 28 days. The Arena Fitness team was committed to helping all of us along the way providing help, feedback, and inspiration to get us through cravings and keep us on the right track. I learned a lot about portion control, when to eat, when to drink lots of water (all the time), and that you don’t need to give up good food to lose weight and feel great. I would totally recommend this to others who are on a path of inconsistency and frustration. It helps to have people rooting for you, and I couldn’t be more happy that I completed the TDC. Eat clean, train dirty!

– Mackenzie Magnone

This is an image of group training clients Gary and Mack.

- The Magnone Brothers lost over 19 pounds in one month!

“TWO WORDS: LIFE CHANGING. I never thought I’d be where I am today. I had fallen into the slump of “getting older” and genetically predisposed to being overweight. Although I was strong having worked out with Arena Fitness coaches for over a year, I was more than 20lbs overweight. I was also plagued with back and hip pain and battling digestive issues for as long as I could remember. 
I’m one of those guys who researches everything and loves to tout my knowledge on certain subjects. But admittedly, I had tried every diet in the book including Paleo, Blood type, gluten free, dairy free, vegan (shortly). And although many of these made significant improvements to my overall wellbeing, they did not fully address the aforementioned issues I was facing with my body. And then I started the KICKSTART challenge…
It was flexible enough that I could still eat the foods that my body performed best on while giving me a plan to take down my weight. I had no fricken idea how much food I was overconsuming until I did the KICKSTART. I learned that at most meals I was putting more than double the amount of protein, fats, and carbs then I should have been taking in. The program held me accountable to every bite I put in my mouth. I also learned how the body burns energy and how the size and timing of my meals plays the biggest role in weight loss. 
In 4 short weeks, I lost 12lbs of pure body fat. Since I started with Arena Fitness, I’ve lost well over 25lbs of pure body fat while adding lean muscle. I FEEL AMAZING! I don’t have the same back pain anymore. I digestion is not a problem, and for the very first time, someone told me I should eat a donut because “I was too skinny.” 
I could not have done this without the KICKSTART system, Stacey Garcia who knows how to get results, and the team at Arena Fitness. Their support and knowledge of the subjects they teach are unmatched. I should know because I’ve heard it all.”
– Peter Dulay, Arena Fitness Member

- Peter lost 12 pounds of FAT in the KICK START!

We are the only fitness studio in the Valley to offer the incredibly life-changing TakeDown Challenge! This 28 Day Nutrition and Weight Loss Challenge has changed the lives of thousands of people across the country. We offer it 3 times a year, don’t miss it!

This is an image of participants in the TakeDown Challenge

- The One and Only TakeDown Challenge in the Valley!

Efrain not only lost a bunch of weight but he improved his performance and nutrition, too!

This is an image of Efrain before personal training with Arena Fitness and after.

- You can SEE how much weight Efrain lost!

“A little over a year ago I knew I needed to up the ante, so to speak, on my exercise routine if I wanted to get myself into a better state of health.  The day I wandered into Arena Fitness I was warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate in classes and training for a one week trial before I made any definite decision about joining. Right off the bat I noticed that not only were the staff well-trained in the the field of fitness and wellness but genuinely cared about the students in their classes.  

After participating in semi-private training sessions as well as group classes for a year I decided this year to take advantage of Arena’s program for creating healthy eating habits. The combination of learning better lifestyle strategies for eating, as well as placing a priority on getting more physically fit, has made a significant impact on my health, as well as how I feel about myself as a person. 

The journey hasn’t been easy this last year…there are many mornings I’d rather pull the covers over my head rather than head out pre-dawn for the gym. Sometimes I’ve had to wrestle through thoughts of embarrassment for my lack of ability and for allowing myself to get so out of shape. Quitting was going to do me no good however, so I decided I would show up most mornings, give my all to what was being asked, remain eager to learn all I could, and let the results take care of themselves. 

Looking back, I realize how much I needed as well as now appreciate the structure, knowledge, variety, reliability, and the genuine caring I have experienced at Arena Fitness.”

 – Maria Fischer, Arena Fitness Member

personal training northridge, group training northridge, 28 day kick start

- Maria lost 7.5 inches and 5% body fat!

I have never felt any connection to a gym. You go in – do your work out, hope nobody is going to hard sell you on membership….  I have the total opposite experience here.  It’s like having a workout buddy that will keep you honest.  The instructors know you, when you come to class (and when you don’t)  The workouts are perfect for me.  In and out in 45 minutes – perfect for a working mom.  Good variety in the classes – you work really really hard which I love.  You feel like every minute at the class is paying off. Personally I’ve lost weight and feel much stronger.   I can’t recommend Arena enough.  Jonathan, Joe, Stacy and William are great.

– Allyson Nevil

This is a picture of Allyson who lost weight on our TakeDown LifeStyle program.

- Allyson Nevil has lost 16 pounds in 8 weeks!

This is an image of personal training client, Patrick Ediger.

Thank you for your guidance, patience and nurturing over the past 6 month, Stacey. I’m incredibly proud of the transformation I’ve begun and grateful to have been given the tools to help myself continue to progress. It’s given me such confidence and mental strength, a side effect I didn’t even consider when I started this process but it’s positively affected every aspect of my life.

The gym has gone from a place I dreaded to a place I look forward to every time (even now, I can’t wait to get back in tomorrow night – to improve, to learn, to progress). I truly appreciate the gift I’ve been given and am very excited to see where it’s going to lead me. It’s probably one of the most important things I’ve ever done for myself and I’m very thankful to have such an amazing guide and mentor.
 – Patrick Ediger, Arena Fitness Member
This is an image of personal training client, Patrick Ediger.

- Patrick gained 16 pounds of lean muscle and dropped 9 pounds of fat!

“I can’t say enough about my experience with the 28-Day Balanced Habits Kick Start Program which I participated in Autumn 2017 through Arena Fitness in Encino.  A little over a month ago, I was feeling exhausted and stuffed into my wardrobe.   My eating habits were based on convenience – processed foods (nightly M&Ms and frequent fast food runs).   Of course, I wanted to look and feel better, but I also was motivated to take steps to avoid taking cholesterol medication if possible.  As much as I wanted quick results, I knew that I needed help to get in balance and to stay there.   
Though it sounds cliche, Balanced Habits really has taught me how to eat by emphasizing a combination of proteins, carbs, and fats and teaching me to focus on eating clean and ground – based whenever possible.  The individualized plan based on my age, frame, and lifestyle has been invaluable information and like nothing I ever experienced as a fallen Lifetime Weight Watcher.    I don’t think I was eating often enough before.  Certainly, I was not feeding my body what it needed but was feeding bad habits. 
I’m happy to report I never felt hungry on this program.   Indeed, it was sometimes difficult to eat as much as I was supposed to consume.    Yes…I did initially experience junk and sugar cravings, but I got through those times (gone by end of week 2 for me) in relatively easy fashion by replacing the “bad” habit with movement (cardio walking and semi-private strength training sessions at Arena).  The combination of guidance from Arena Nutrition  Director, Stacey Garcia, eating balanced, and moving with the trainers’ help, really took my results to a level I didn’t realistically expect.  As a side benefit, I don’t look as puffy and am not downing Advil because of arthritis pain.   
I started my balanced journey on Goggle searching for personal training near me.  I quickly found Arena and was impressed by the rave reviews and the online photos.   Arena is a smaller studio gym and the members in the photos looked like real, fit people.   In person, I found the Arena trainers (Daniela, Lauren. Stacey, Joe and Phillip) to be genuine and positive.  They are teaching me the how and why of strength training and adjusting moves based on my abilities and corrective needs.   And because Balance is the key here, Arena even offers a weekly yoga class (shout out to Philip). 
Arena Fitness and its members make for a welcoming community and even look to give back and support important causes.  Arena knows fitness and nutrition.  The team conveys their expertise in a friendly and open manner.    As Jonathan said when  we first talked, they care what and how we do on Day 29 and beyond.  I’m now participating in Balanced Life so that I can keep balanced!
Best wishes and thanks, Arena!”
Dana, Arena Fitness Member

- Dana lost 12.4 pounds of body fat on the KICK START!

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