Workout of the Week: Cut The “Buts” to Work Your Butt

QUESTION: But I don’t like my Butt! 

ANSWER:    Well it’s cause your “buts” are always bigger than your “BUTT!”

All you need is a bench and a local park for this one. NO EXCUSES get out and get the butt you have always wanted. No easy way to get it done, you just need to get off your butt and do it! Group fitness classes, semi-private training — all by yourself — whatever!


NO EXCUSE WORKOUTStep ups on park bench resized 600

1 Mile Warm Up 


800m Hard

50 Squat Jumps


800m Hard

50 Box Jumps


800m Hard

50 Tuck Jumps


800m Hard

50 Burpees


Quit complaining about how you look and feel and start doing something about it. NO EXCUSES. Hard work, commitment, patience, discipline, passion, accountability, and responsibility are all part of the equation when getting the body you always wanted. You can’t pick and chose which one to be good at, you have to have them all and practice them daily. 

Still have excuses? Watch the video below. Then do the Workout of the Week above! NO MORE EXCUSES.


Be a Part of your Own Success Story…TODAY!

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