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healthy aging

Do this now and “future you” will thank you!

Healthy aging isn’t as hard as it seems! Do you ever see videos online of people their 70s and beyond shooting hoops, bicycling, or killing it on the dance floor and think, “I want to be that person when I grow up”?I know I do. I just turned 50 and I’m realizing how much younger […]

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The secret strategy for faster results

It’s all about the fundamentals We’re going to talk about something a little radical today, especially when it comes to your health and fitness results.Because we all want results, right? And the faster, the better! Well, what if that big rush to get to the finish line is actually slowing down your progress and making the road […]

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What it really takes to make big goals a reality

Goals don’t just happen. I hope your day is off to a great start … because in this post I am going to share one of my FAVORITE GOAL-GETTING tactics with you! It’s perfect for you if you’ve set a BIG resolution for 2020. I’m talking about that big scary goal that’s lurking in the […]

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This 3-Step Process changes everything!

This changes everything… Last week l challenged you to set a BIG GOAL for 2020. Big goals give you butterflies in your stomach because they take you outside of your comfort zone. I have an AMAZING exercise for you today to set those butterflies free. It’s something that can take your life to an entirely […]

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self efficacy

How to develop your superpower

We can all be superheroes… I’ve got a throwback for you – and one that you’re going to love. It is all about SELF-EFFICACY (which I briefly mentioned earlier in the month), which is basically your success barometer. It’s a trait that can predict how successful you will be!What makes it even more awesome is […]

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how to stay motivated

Here’s how to stay motivated

Motivation is a fickle thing MOTIVATION is a term that is constantly being discussed when it comes to health and fitness. There are a LOT of reasons why … but the biggest one is that motivation smoothes out a lot of bumps on your path to success.And I want you to be successful. Here’s the thing. […]

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detox encino, detox northridge

The REAL way to cleanse without gimmicks

Oh, no! Not another “cleanse” or “detox!” When I hear that someone is going on a “cleanse” I practically crack a molar. It’s not that “cleansing” is a bad thing, it’s just that most “cleanses” are stupid. They’re gimmicky, unnatural and not rooted in science. And they prey upon people’s need for an immediate fix! […]

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the definition of insanity

The definition of insanity? Or are you just human?

What is the definition of “insanity?” I have been locked in a lifelong battle with personal finances that I have been losing over and over and over. I CAN NOT seem to implement and maintain responsible behavior when it comes to managing my money. I feel like a failure. I feel defeated. I feel hopeless. […]

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success formula

Everything I know about life I learned in the garden

Wisdom is found in unlikely places… My wife and I love to garden. On weekends we can be found wrist-deep in dirt, sunburned on the backs of our necks, planting, pruning, fighting off the neighbor’s bamboo. It’s a great way to throw off the worries of the week, to invest yourself in participating in something […]

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self reflection

What I learned from getting my email hacked!

I had a rough weekend It started great Saturday morning with me teaching classes in Encino and then getting the chance to deliver my “5 Pillars of Health” presentation to members. I love getting to present new and (at least to me) exciting ways to improve health and wellness, so I was feeling really good […]

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