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Some days you just suck

It happens to ALL of us Some days you just don’t have it, no matter how hard you’re trying. Yesterday was that day for me. I was about 10 minutes into a boxing class when I realized I was not going to be setting any world records. I was sluggish. I was fatigued. And when […]

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core training encino, core training northridge

Try the Core Training Challenge!

Everyone love core training, right? Well, even if that’s not true, there’s great value in core training. You can have rock-solid limbs, but if the trunk of the tree is weak, the tree will fall! There are a lot of great ways to implement core training, but if you’re doing it on your own you’re […]

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walking for fitness

Walking for fitness: How many steps will save your life?

Walking for fitness? By now, we’ve all been indoctrinated into the notion that we should aim for 10,000 steps per day. 10,000 steps per day equates to roughly 5 miles of walking but will vary slightly depending upon your height and stride length. And it’s a good enough goal. Walking 5 miles per day would […]

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get in shape

How long does it take to get OUT of shape?

We obsess about getting INTO shape, but…. We often wonder how long it will take to improve some aspect of our health; to lose fat, to gain muscle, to build a habit.But I think it’s also important to know how long it takes to LOSE the progress we’ve made. It helps to bring into perspective the […]

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boxing in encino and northridge

Boxing: The Game Changer!

Boxing classes in Encino and Northridge! If you have ever done boxing then you know what an amazing workout it is. If you have been looking for boxing classes in Encino and Northridge because you’ve always wanted to try it, we have you covered. Why is boxing so popular? Here are a few reasons: You’ll […]

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Fitness Tips: The 5 Components

Fitness isn’t just ONE thing; it’s the sum of many things… And you need to understand what those things are. The difference between “training” and “working out” is that: Training is specific and purposeful Working out is general and unsystematic If you REALLY want to get in, and stay in, shape, you need to pay […]

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running shoes

5 MUST ASK Questions When Buying Running Shoes

Have you ever been caught in a bear trap? Kind of feels like that when you’re wearing the wrong pair of shoes. I expect dress shoes to feel that way. But when it comes to running shoes, you can’t afford to feel like you’re wearing something that feels like it’s eating your foot with every […]

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personal training in northridge

Upper body band warm-up!

Improve your upper body performance with this warm up! Posture is an issue that comes up frequently among the clients involved in our personal training in Northridge and Encino. Our 21st century lifestyles are pulling our bodies out of whack and placing a lot of stress on our musculoskeletal structures. As a result, many of […]

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This is an image of Tafiq Akhir and his bootcamp in Hollywood

Top 3 tips when starting a fitness program!

Where do I start? It’s difficult to know how and where to start when you want to begin a fitness program. There’s so much information out there, much of it contradictory. How do you know what steps you should take? My recommendation; start with someone you trust. Tafiq Akhir has been running a bootcamp in […]

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this is an image of Javier Meliton, who does personal training in Northridge

Javier Meliton: Iron Man!!!

What if you had a spinal cord injury…. Multiple broken bones. Brain trauma. Lacerated internal organs. Fused vertebrae. Deemed, in effect, an “incomplete quadriplegic.” But you didn’t want that to be your identity. You wanted to bounce back from a horrific, near fatal automobile accident. You wanted to get back in shape. What would you […]

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