7 Reasons Why We Overeat and & Solutions

We all overeat. (CLICK HERE to see the YouTube video of 7 Reasons Why We Overeat) Every once in a while, I dig deep and attack food like it’s an athletic event. Not often, but it happens.Especially on weekends and holidays.I shovel and shovel and shovel the food in until I practically injure myself. It’s […]

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Should you weigh yourself every day?

Should you weigh yourself every damn day??? I hear the bathroom door close, the scale sliding out, and a beep. Every day.It makes me crazy. But I love my wife, so I don’t say anything. The reason it makes me crazy is because I have long been suspicious of the benefits of weighing yourself daily. […]

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Why do you struggle with motivation?

  I hear this all the time from members and prospective members: “I need motivation.” or “I’m just not motivated.” And they’re looking to us to provide it. No one can “motivate” you. No one. So if you’re looking for me or anyone else to “motivate” you, you’re going to end up disappointed and you’re setting me […]

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daily habits

Check the boxes every day

Should we keep goals top of mind? Goals are great. I’ve written previously about the science of goal-setting. To quote Simon Sinek, we are a “goal-oriented species with a bias for progress.” And so we are. But goals are not NOW. Goals are not TANGIBLE. Goals do not actually exist, they are just an IDEA. And […]

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diets don't work

The biology behind why diets don’t work!

Why diets fail… Diets don’t work. Ever. Period. The research is conclusive; not only do diets NOT result in lasting weight loss, the majority of people who diet gain back their weight and MORE. Why is this? As always, I look to biology and evolutionary science for the answer… Your body doesn’t like to relinquish […]

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detox encino, detox northridge

The REAL way to cleanse without gimmicks

Oh, no! Not another “cleanse” or “detox!” When I hear that someone is going on a “cleanse” I practically crack a molar. It’s not that “cleansing” is a bad thing, it’s just that most “cleanses” are stupid. They’re gimmicky, unnatural and not rooted in science. And they prey upon people’s need for an immediate fix! […]

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Cook once and have a healthy breakfast all week

Get your breakfast in line! I have a brand new, healthy breakfast recipe that will get your day (and week) off to a GREAT start. Not only is it delicious, but it’s a make-ahead meal that’ll help you sneak in some veggies first thing in the morning. The US Centers for Disease Control says that […]

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the definition of insanity

The definition of insanity? Or are you just human?

What is the definition of “insanity?” I have been locked in a lifelong battle with personal finances that I have been losing over and over and over. I CAN NOT seem to implement and maintain responsible behavior when it comes to managing my money. I feel like a failure. I feel defeated. I feel hopeless. […]

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Some days you just suck

It happens to ALL of us Some days you just don’t have it, no matter how hard you’re trying. Yesterday was that day for me. I was about 10 minutes into a boxing class when I realized I was not going to be setting any world records. I was sluggish. I was fatigued. And when […]

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at home workout

Quick and dirty at-home workout

Running low on time? Don’t have time for a group training class or a personal training session today? No problem. Don’t have a gym membership or a package of group classes at Arena Fitness? No problem. Do you have a floor? Then drop down and knock out this full body at-home workout! Remember, every minute […]

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