50 pounds down and still going….

When the switch gets flipped, the results roll in… What do you do when you’ve struggled with weight your whole life? You feel trapped. You […]

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Blueberry Strudel Muffin Recipe!

Personal training, group training, running, yoga, hiking, racquetball, swimming; all physical activity is beneficial for optimal health and weight. But your nutrition needs to be […]

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Success Story: Alicia Truesdale

From personal training program to personal growth… Alicia came to us looking for a personal training program in Encino and wowed us from the start. […]

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personal training program in Encino

4th of July Recipe Book!

You can have fun and be healthy at the same time! The 4th of July is coming and we’re going to help you get ready! We know you’re looking […]

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The Science of Goals: Think BIG, ACT Small

Everyone has goals We move through life with intention. It may conscious intention or unconscious, but we are a goal-oriented species with a bias for […]

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Manage your expectations

  Let’s try something. Grab a tennis ball. Go to an area that is heavily populated with foot traffic; say, Disneyland, an outdoor mall of […]

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Never vow to give up chocolate!

On any given day in 2010, 54% of American adults were trying to lose weight. God knows what the statistics were for 2017. It feels […]

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diets don't work

Your diet will NEVER work. Ever.

“How did I let this happen again?” – Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey is amazing. Billionaire, media mogul, bestseller, bad-ass. But despite all of her accomplishments, […]

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Boxing: The Game Changer!

Boxing classes in Encino and Northridge! If you have ever done boxing then you know what an amazing workout it is. If you have been […]

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boxing in encino and northridge

Don’t just “lose weight!” Lose the right kind of weight!

“I can’t imagine my life without Arena Fitness!” There’s so much talk about “losing weight.” It’s a national obsession, and for good reason. But if […]

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