Weight loss? You HAVE to meal prep!

What’s the recipe for weight loss success? Meal Prep! When it comes to nutrition and weight loss you need to have a plan in place. […]

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this is an image of nutrition and weight loss expert lorena flores

Nutrition and weight loss; you MUST have a PLAN!

Nutrition and weight loss; if you don’t have a plan, FORGET IT! Here’s the straight truth; if you want to lose weight but don’t have a […]

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this is an image that represents the importance of having a nutrition plan if you want to lose weight

The TakeDown Challenge Begins September 16th! Details Inside!!!

It’s time for the TakeDown! We are so excited to announce the start of the TakeDown Challenge on September 16th! Early bird registration is open […]

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This is an image of personal training clients signed up for the TakeDown Challenge weight loss program.

TakeDown Challenge Recipe: Tex-Mex Fiesta Salad!

The TakeDown Challenge is Coming in September! So, to celebrate, we’re sharing one of many delicious recipes from our Balanced Habits recipe vault, a great […]

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This is an image of a tex-mex salad from Arena Fitness and Balanced Habits

TakeDown Success Story: Sara Zanville

Congratulations to Sara Zanville who did a phenomenal job in the May 2016 TakeDown Challenge! Sara added the TDC to her personal training and group […]

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this is an image of Sara Zanville, personal training and group training client, who has lost a bunch of weight

Success Story: Magnificent Madeleine St. Marie

This is how it’s done, son! Madeleine is amazing. It’s not just the weight, inches and body fat she has lost over two TDCs, it’s […]

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this is an image of Madeleine St. Marie, personal training client and weight loss winner

Nutrition: FREE 3 Day Meal Plan!

“What should I eat to lose weight and reduce body fat?” This is a question, or a variation of a question that we hear A […]

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This is an image of the TakeDown LifeStyle 3 day meal plan.

TakeDown Challenge Winner: Jose Vera!

We have a winner! Congratulations on winning the TakeDown Challenge, Jose! You crushed the Challenge from the very first day and ended up losing: 21 […]

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this is an image of takedown challenge winner Jose Vera, group training client at Arena Fitness

TakeDown Success Story: Stephaney Cotto

She lost 11 inches in one month! Stephaney started group training at our Northridge location earlier this year and decided to throw her hat into […]

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this is an image of group training client stephaney cotto, who lost 11 inches in the takedown challenge at arena fitness

TakeDown Recipe: Balsamic Veggie Stacks!

Veggie Stacks w/ a drizzle of Balsamic (these can be grilled or fresh vegetables; your choice) Veggie Stack Ingredients: Eggplant Yellow or Orange Bell Pepper Large Beefsteak […]

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this is an image of June's delicious takedown challenge recipe for balsamic veggie stacks

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