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Food For Fitness: Watermelon Salad

2517 watermelon salad resized 600

I'm not sure if it's the fact that it's going to be 100 degrees all week or if it's just the thought of putting myself through Joe's Workout of the Week, but I'm craving something cold and refreshing! 

Workout of the Week: 1500 Reasons To Be Fit!

mountain climber resized 600

Warm Up with an 1500m Row or Run! Then finish it off with 1500 reps of my favorite exercise!

Hey, Personal Trainer: Get Back into "The Box!"

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New Age terminology and catch-phrases of the week grate on my nerves.  When I hear people talking about their "Inner Child" or trainers proselytizing about "Functional Training" I unconsciously clench my teeth and squeeze my eyes shut and breathe deeply until my heart rate slows.  The terms may have value, but they tend to be overused and underdeveloped and become fall-back phrases upon which people rely all too easily.  Over the last several years, "The Box" has been a focus of attention; whether you're living inside of it and trying to get out of it, or trying not to think in a way that resides within it.  It's usage has declined a bit recently, the term having fallen a bit out of vogue, but I still hear people talking about it and it drives me crazy because "The Box" isn't a bad thing.  "The Box" is good.  In fact, "The Box" is necessary.  Let me explain.

Four Things I Learned From A Food Journal

photo resized 600

Recently, I have been very hungry. I mean, really very hungry. "Hangry", actually - you know, when you get so hungry that you get super cranky and want to punch someone in the face simply for being? 

Food For Fitness: Salsa!

salsa resized 600

Salsa: The super snack!  This inexpensive, healthy food is one of our 5 skinny snacks you need on hand.  It's incredibly low in calories and high in nutrients, making this the ideal topping for many of your meals.

Workout of the Week: Adventure Race Training II

pushup resized 600

Need to train for an Adventure race? Try putting this workout into your weekly routine. Start with 8 minute miles and try to go faster each time you run. 

Beast of the Week: Personal Training & Group Training Junkie!

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Name: Michelle Salvatore

Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition

shake resized 600

Today's blog post comes from guest blogger Kaitlyn Weiss, a CSCS-certified trainer and all around badass. Diet is a big deal when it comes to your weight loss - it can be more than half the battle! People often make the mistake of not eating before they jump in a personal training session ("I don't eat breakfast!") or not eating after they complete a group training class. What you eat changes based on your goals, so make sure you're fueling your body effectively! - Madeleine

Food For Fitness: 3 Reasons You Should Drink More Water

water resized 600

How much water do you drink? 

Workout of the Week: Kick Up The Cardio

pull ups resized 600

Warm Up 1-3 Mile Run

Child Obesity - Why Don't You Just Buy Your Kid a Pack of Smokes?


Long before the data began pouring in about the staggering increase in child obesity I began noticing that kids just seemed fatter and more out of shape than they used to be.  It was just an observation, but seemed terribly obvious to me (it was one of those things that, when studies came out, I thought "Good lord, someone actually paid for a study on this?  You can look around for FREE and come to the same conclusion!").

3 Health and Fitness Facts You REALLY Need to Know!

personal trainer, personal training, cross training, semi-private training, semi private training, group training, group exercise, group fitness, fitness classes, fitness, gym, health, exercise

In truth, there are probably dozens of health and fitness facts you need to know. But I'm always raving about hiring a personal trainer and learning how to exercise regularly, so I've probably overwhelmed you by now. Let's keep it simple for once. Today I want to focus on three items that have recently jumped out at me and I think are worthy of attention because they either apply to virtually ALL of us, or to a huge segment of the population.

Real Talk: Not All Calories Are Created Equal

black eyed peas resized 600

One of the things I've learned since I started working at Arena is that when someone learns you work at a gym, more often than not, they're going to ask for advice. They want advice on what to eat, what to do, how to do it, how often to do it, what they should wear, whatever. I've found that people tend to be disappointed when I tell them, "Well, you should eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods, and make a habit of exercising every day." Because, after all, losing weight is as easy burning more calories than you take in. 

Food For Fitness: Creamy Cucumber Soup

soup resized 600

Is the summer heat getting you down? Jump into a group training class, then cool off with this refreshing, fitness recipe of the week. 

Workout of the Week: Triple 8 Exercise

lolcat resized 600

Warmup with a mile run. 

If You are Your Own Personal Trainer, Your Personal Training Program Sucks!

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I am a horrible trainer.  And, as a guy who has led somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 training sessions and classes over the years, that’s a hard thing to admit.

Beast of the Week: Personal Training and Group Training Phenom!


Real Talk: What I Learned From What Not To Wear

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Since the school year has ended, I've been watching a lot of TLC and their fashion shows, like "What Not To Wear" and "Say Yes To The Dress". Beacuse I have zero fashion sense, I find these shows fascinating and often informative, because I still dress like I did ten years ago. Anyway, I started noticing a running thread throughout the shows: person loses weight, person wants to get new clothing to celebrate, person is devestated when a certain size doesn't fit or doesn't look good. 

Food For Fitness: Spanakopita Burgers

498185074 9fc5c33b32 resized 600

If you're looking for a turkey/chicken burger full of flavor and nutrients, look no further than Rachel Ray's Spanakopita Burger!  Try this as a healthy, guilt-free burger for the 4th of July.  I bet it will cause fireworks!

Fitness Workout of the Week: 5-4-3-2-1

IMG 1053 resized 600

3-5 Rounds!

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