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Food For Fitness: Healthy Taco Tuesday

vegetarian burrito bowl resized 600

Bring Taco Tuesday to any night of the week with this light and delicious guilt-free recipe. These are totally customizable, so make them to your taste! The protein and fiber are great to keep you feeling full and help you recover after one of our group fitness classes. 

Food For Fitness: Tuscan Chicken Soup

tuscan kale soup wide nosh resized 600

Soups are a great way to eat healthy and feel full. This soup has a superfood (kale) AND protein (quinoa and chicken). You can add more veggies like zucchini or omit the animal protein to customize this soup to suit your taste. I made this for my boys this weekend and everyone loved it! Best of all? You can make this ahead of time and heat it up after your group fitness training class!

Food For Fitness: Quinoa, Black Bean and Corn Tacos

quinoa black bean corn tacos2 431x640 resized 600

When people think "vegetarian" they usually think bland food consisting of tofu, sprouts, more sprouts, and maybe some couscous or quinoa. Well "vegetarian" doesn't have to be bland -- it can be JUST as flavorful as the dishes your regularly enjoy while packing a healthier punch!

Food For Fitness: Chopped Salad How-To

chopped salad!

We've posted this recipe before, but this week's theme for Stacey's Shred is to lose by addition. Instead of stressing yourself out by taking things away (and then ruining all your hard work by running back into the arms of cheeseburger and fries), make the addition of a salad and other healthy foods a permanent presence on your plate. This salad may look complicated but those looks are deceiving. Focus on adding positive elements to your life! It's an easy way to aid your fitness journey and self esteem. 

Food For Fitness: Cobb Salad with Green Goddess Dressing

cobb salad

Eating the same salad everyday can get dull.  Dress up your life with this delicious Cobb salad.  Shredding?  Make your own healthy version perfect for your weight loss goals and post it on my Shred Facebook Page!

Thanksgiving Food for Fitness: Turkey and Pumpkin Chili

arena fitness, food, food for fitness, recipe of the week, chili, turkey chili

After you've done our Big Yoga Night on Wednesday, and you've enjoyed friends and family on Thursday, why not use those leftovers to make a delicious, nutricious and flatout AMAZING chili? That's right, it's our Turkey Pumpkin Chili. The Arena Fitness fave. It really needs no introduction. It's got 280 calories per serving and a healthy dose of Vitamin A. It's got more pumpkin than a PSL (and uh, less calories, too). Trust me: you won't need (or want!) anything else. 

Food For Fitness: Our Most Popular Turkey Pumpkin Chili!

arena fitness, food, food for fitness, recipe of the week, chili, turkey chili

It's a fan favorite, so we thought we'd bring it back to remind you for the end of the Shred. It's great to make ahead of time and eat leftovers for lunch...if any leftovers survive! 

Eating Better at Home in Three Quick Steps

arena fitness, eat real food

This one is an oldie, but I thought it would be good revisit because we are in the midst of the Shred. And let's be honest: even when we are not shredding, we can benefit from making our fitness journey easier by eating better at home. 

Food For Fitness: Ro's Chili Cheese Egg Dish

chili cheese egg bake

Today's Recipe of the Week is brought to you by our very own Rochelle Handy!  This egg casserole has been the talk of the town lately and it's no wonder why.  It's delicious!!!  Best served for breakfast, brunch or dinner! This dish can be made both gluten and dairy free depending on your preferences or dietary needs. And yes, it even tastes amazing that way, too! It's the perfect way to indulge in a delicious dish while losing weight on the Shred. Serve with fresh fruit to complete this tasty treat. 

Food for Fitness: 7 Layer Fat Fighting Dip

dr oz 7 layer fat fighting dip resized 600

With Football season upon us, it's time to start thinking of what guilt free snacks we can serve without breaking our calorie bank. Sundays don't have to mean serious damage to our weight loss or fitness goals! Look no further than Dr. Oz's 7 Layer Fat Fighting Dip.  The fiber from the black beans helps keep you full while the healthy fats from the avocado regulate your blood sugar, helping you curve cravings.   Substitute the sour cream for Greek yogurt and veggies for the usual chips, and save yourself 200 calories per serving! 

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